Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets give you access to one of the world's largest oceanarium and theme parks. The whole park is divided into two sections - The Summit and The Waterfront, which is further divided into 8 themed subsections. There is a 1.5 km long cable car system, the Ocean Express train and an outdoor escalator for visitors to commute within the Park.

Ocean Park Hong Kong online tickets offer an amazing package of fun and entertainment that can be enjoyed by visitors of all age groups. There are over 80 rides, fun activities and special encounters which are targeted at all kinds of visitors.

Some of the most popular rides at Ocean Park Hong Kong are Arctic Blast, Hair Raiser, The Rapids, The Abyss, Wild Twister and many others. If you enjoy animal encounters then the Ocean Park's Waterfront section will surely enthrall you. You can visit Polar Bears, the Arctic Fox, watch Dolphins perform, meet the Pandas, the Red Pandas and lots more. The Park also showcases various shows that entertain as well as teach visitors about conservation and sustainability.

The Ocean Park Hong Kong is a non profit organization and actively pursues preservation and conservation of marine animals and their natural habitats.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

Ocean Park Hong Kong tickets give you access to a fun filled day at the ultimate theme park and zoo in Hong Kong. Now booking your Ocean Park Hong Kong tickets is truly a hassle from the counter but you can easily do it online from the convenience of your home. You can book Ocean Park Hong Kong online tickets in advance so that you avoid standing in long queues and wasting precious vacation time. Once booked you can get your confirmation instantly and your Tickets are emailed to you immediately. By booking your tickets online you can get great deals and discounts giving you lots of savings in your expenses.

Highlights of Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

  • Enjoy a close encounter with marine animals in one of the largest Aquariums in the world.

  • Visit the Panda Habitat to watch these magnificent animals interact.

  • Indulge in adrenaline pumping roller coaster rides in the Summit Section.

  • Marvel at the wide variety of jellyfish in the Sea Jellies section.

  • Visit the Summit and meet the Polar Bears.

  • Ride the Ocean Express funicular to enjoy the simulated effects of riding in the ocean.

  • There are 8 eateries spread across the theme park and you can choose from a wide variety of cuisines.

  • There are more than 17 retail outlets selling baked goods, Panda themed and marine animals themed souvenirs and many more.

Packages For Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

General Tickets

The General Admission Ocean Park Hong Kong tickets is valid for one day use and gives access to most of the rides, animal encounters and other attractions at the Park. Children below the age of three can enter for free. The General Ticket does not include skill games and coin operated games.

InFUNity Pass

The InFUNity Entry Pass gives unlimited access to the Park and all its attractions right from the date of purchase till 31st March 2023. You can visit the Ocean Park Hong Kong as many times as you want on regular Park admission days as well as festivals like Halloween, Christmas and Chinese New Year as well.

Ocean FasTrack

With the Ocean FasTrack Tickets you get priority access to 7 specially chosen rides and attractions. The fastrack ticket gives you 1 priority access to the Cable Car, Ocean Express, Grand Aquarium and Merry-go-round in The Waterfront. In The Summit you get 1 priority ride on the Cable Car, Ocean Express and 7 other rides.

Ocean Park VIP Premium Tour

The Premium package is a special package where you can get your Ocean Park Hong Kong tickets customized and tailored to your convenience. You have a specially designated tour manager who will accompany you on the Tour. By booking this package you can celebrate any business or family event in the Park.

Know Before You Go Ocean Park Hong Kong

Essential Information
Best Time to visit Ocean Park Hong Kong
  • Location: Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.

  • Timings:

1. Sunday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM2. Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM3. The park is closed on Tuesdays.

  • How to Reach:

1. By MTR: This is probably the easiest way to get to Ocean Park Hong Kong, get on at any MTR station and get off at the Ocean Park Station. After this begins your exciting day at the park.

2. By Car: To get to the Ocean Park Hong Kong, begin your travel from the city center and follow Route 1 and this will take you approximately 20 minutes.

3. By Bus: If you are traveling to the Ocean Park Hong Kong via bus, it is best to get on buses numbered 48, 107, 629 or 973 as these are the buses that will take you directly to the park.

The best time to visit the Ocean Park Hong Kong is between October and November as the weather is really pleasant during this time and you will enjoy the trip to its fullest.

The best time to visit the Ocean Park Hong Kong during the day will be early opening hours as the crowds will be lesser and you will get most of the rides to yourself.

Rides at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Wild Twister

Wild Twister is one of the newest rides at the Ocean Park Hong Kong and it is one of the best too. It is best if you don't miss the thrill of the wildly swinging arms that spin on their own separate axes. To be allowed on this ride you must be between 137cm (54'') and 195 ( 77'') in height or you won't be allowed to board.

Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast is a replica of the Arctic itself and you can ride a sleigh with your family through this ride. Kids below the age of 4 aren't permitted on the ride without adults. To be on the ride your height must be over 100cm (39'').

Arctic Fox Den

On this tour you can learn about this highly elusive predator from the Tundra region and discover how it survives in one of the most unforgiving environments on this planet. This tour has no age or height restrictions and it is also suitable for younger kids.

The Rapids

This is one of the most thrilling rides in the Park, it begins with you strapping yourself to the raft after which you are taken through extremely dark zones and through patches of extreme sunlight. Children under the height of 120cm (47'') won't be allowed in the ride alone and must be accompanied by adults at all times.

Whirly Birds

You will get to ride an open and floorless plane that catches the mystical feeling of flying. A joystick that controls your plane and gives you a custom trip that is trimmed to fit your taste. You must be taller than 122cm (48'') to be allowed on the ride.

The Flash

This ride will be whisked 22 meters into the air and spun at the heart stopping speed of 60km per hour. You 'll need to be between the height of 137cm (54'') and 195cm (77'') to be allowed on the ride.

Animal Encounters

Get Closer to the Animals

One of the best experiences at Ocean Park Hong Kong is having a close encounter with several Animals such as penguins, Dolphins, meerkat, giant Pandas, Sea Lions, Walrus and many more.

Fish Friends Face Off

A snorkeling experience in the Giant Aquarium is one of the best adventures you can have at Ocean Park Hong Kong. Besides the variety of fishes you also get a close view at hammerhead sharks, stingrays and manta rays. Here, you also get to learn about coral reefs and the entire marine ecosystem.

Dolphin Explorations

Ocean Park Hong Kong offers a fantastic opportunity to visitors to learn about dolphins, their habits and conservation methods. You can also become a trainee in animal care and also learn how the Park takes care of its animals.

North Pole Encounters

In this part of the Park you can view Pacific Walruses and spotted eels playing about in an environment that mimics their natural habitats.

South Pole Spectacular

Here you will observe fascinating penguins of different types and their behavioral habits in an enclosure that replicates their natural home in the South Pole. The temperature in this section is uniformly mailed at 8° - 10°C throughout the year.

Sea Jellies Spectacular

This is a beautiful water garden with a spectacular collection of jellyfish in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. There is also an interactive Shadow Game and you can enjoy a game of hide and seek with the colorful jellies.

FAQs For Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

Can we book Ocean Park tickets online?

Yes, actually it is best to purchase your Ocean Park Hong Kong tickets online to make sure you get admission into the park and to avoid the extensive lines at the counter. By booking Ocean Park Hong Kong online tickets you will save yourself the hassle of pushing through gigantic crowds and avail amazing offers and discounts.

Is there any discount available on Ocean Park tickets?

There are excellent discounts and packages available especially for Ocean Park Hong Kong online tickets. You can avail several festivals and theme related discounts as well like the Halloween package, Chinese New Year packages, etc.

Is outside food and drinks allowed in Ocean Park Hong Kong?

No, food and drinks that are bought from outside will not be allowed within the Park's premises, however food can be purchased at the food outlets and restaurants available in the park.

What is Ocean Park Hong Kong famous for?

The Ocean Park Hong Kong is famous for its world class, state of the art thrill rides and aquariums that hold unique fish from oceans all around the world. This park also has huge zoos designed to hold numerous animals at a time.

What are the best things to do at Ocean Park Hong Kong?

There are many things to do around the Ocean Park Hong Kong such as walking around the area that shows how Old Hong Kong looked during the periods of 60s, 70, 80s and the 90 or you can go visit the Giant Pandas at the Giant Panda Adventure. As it is an Ocean Park your trip will be pointless if you don't go on the numerous rides to your heart's content, you can also go and watch the Ocean show at the Ocean Theater or just play fun games to win various kinds of prizes.


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