Sky 100 Observation Deck Hong Kong Tickets

Sky 100 Observation Deck Hong Kong Tickets

The Sky100 Observation Deck Hong Kong Tickets gives you access to the most spectacular views of the Hong Kong skyline. Located on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre at 393 metres above sea level, the Sky100 is the only Observation Deck in Hong Kong that offers a stunning 360° view of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong Island, Quarry Bay, Causeway Bay upto Kennedy Town.

The Sky100 Observation Deck is not only about gorgeous views but there are many experiences you can enjoy with your Sky100 Observation Deck Hong Kong Tickets. The first thing you are going to experience is the superfast elevator that takes you to the 100th floor in 60 seconds. Then comes the Interactive Story Wall that features over 100 folktales and stories through photographs, texts and interactive displays.

You can also indulge in some VR Fun and virtually fly over Victoria Harbour, ocean clouds, experience tropical storms and loads more. In the VR section you also have the opportunity to see what Hong Kong was like back in the 60s with street hawkers and rickshaws filling the streets.

If you visit Sky100 in the evenings you can also enjoy the fascinating light show that is organised daily. Indulge in some delicious selection of crepes, pastries, wine and more at the Café 100 by Ritz Carlton while you admire the views.

Book Sky100 Observation Deck Hong Kong Tickets

Book your Sky100 Observation Deck tickets online to enjoy excellent discounts on a variety of packages. Booking online is also highly convenient as you can do it from the comfort of your homes. You can get your booking confirmed instantly without standing in long queues at the ticket counters. The Sky100 Hong Kong tickets offer one of the best locations to enjoy the most enthralling Hong Kong sunset. The Observation Deck gives a 360° view of Hong Kong and this is especially incredible at dusk when the sun is setting and the entire city starts to light up.

Why to Book Sky 100 Observation Deck Hong Kong Online?

  • Skip the line tickets- Book your Sky100 Hong tickets in advance and enjoy skipping the line facility on your visit. This ticket gives you the advantage of direct entry without standing in line at the ticket counters. This way you save a lot of your vacation which you can use to enjoy various attractions instead.

  • Convenience- Booking tickets online is easy and convenient as you can get it done from anywhere. You don't need to stand in endless lines at the ticket counters to enjoy the attractions you wish to visit. Booking online gives you instant confirmation and the ticket is emailed to you.

  • Early Access- Booking online in advance ensures you can visit early or whichever is the best time to visit the attraction.

Highlights of Sky 100 Observation Deck Hong Kong Tickets

  • Enjoy the best sunset in the city from the Tower deck.
  • Taste the amazing and mouth watering dishes at the deck's restaurant.
  • Visit the high craft shop where you can make and design your own souvenirs.
  • If visiting at night do stop to view the amazing sky-line of Hong Kong lit up with millions of small light specks in every building and tower.
  • Fly over the Victoria Harbour at 393m above sea level, virtually at the VR fun service and experience tropical cyclones and endless ocean of clouds.
  • Enjoy the Light Show Love at Sky 100, it is a treat to the eyes and the ears with 3D projection technology and realistic background sounds of the Victoria Harbour.

Sky100 Observation Tickets Package

Sky100 Observation Deck Ticket

The Sky100 Observation Deck Hong Kong tickets offer a one time entry into the facility along with access to the Observation Deck. Enjoy a stunning 360° view of the city and the beautiful Victoria Harbor. You also get access to multimedia displays that showcase the history and culture of the people here.

Café 100 by the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong Sweet Delight Package

This package comes with a one-time entrance to the Sky100 Observatory with access to the fantastic Observation Deck. Besides the fantastic views and experience you also get to indulge your taste buds with a special Ritz Carlton Hong Kong style pastry of the day or the famous pineapple bun accompanied by a beverage of choice.

Café 100 by the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong Wine Package

Enjoy a special evening at the Sky100 Observatory with this specially curated package which includes a one time entry to the Observatory with access to the Observation Deck as you enjoy the view with a glass of wine. You can choose either red or white wine. This package is suitable for visitors over 18 years of age.

Attractions at Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck

High-End Telescopes

The High-end telescopes that are mounted on the Sky100 observation deck have 4 viewing modes built in and these will help you see the magnificence of the Kowloon Peninsula with your own eyes. These telescopes can be used any time of the year and the weather won't affect or change their viewing capacity.

LightBox Displays

The LightBox Displays are installed to help you identify and recognize all the significant buildings in Hong Kong's Skyline, you will also be shown the famous landmarks that are in the city. This is a very helpful guide if you are new to the city and would like to explore it all.

360 Virtual Reality Experience

This is a stunning and highly realistic experience where you can see the mesmerizing views of Hong Kong's skyline or just simply float through endless clouds. There are 2 VR Experiences to choose from, Sky-High climate that is available during the days and the Sky-High fireworks and Light Show which happens during Nighttime only.

Interactive Story Wall

This is one of the most famous attractions in the Sky100 Observation Deck as it is a 92 feet long wall that uses videos and texts, sometimes even exhibits to showcase rare local folklores and anecdotes most of which even the locals are unaware of. Mythological stories and hard facts displayed here are a must visit.

The Skypost

The Skypost is a postbox located on the 100th floor of the Tower, which is the highest postbox in Hong Kong. It can be used to send actual posts to your friends and family whilst you are enjoying the beautiful and amazing scenery of your surroundings without leaving the Tower.

Miniature replica of Hong Kong

You cannot miss The Miniature replica of Hong Kong as it is literally the first thing that you will get to see after you step off the high speed elevator, the replica is exceptionally detailed and lets you see the beautiful city of Hong Kong from a very different perspective.

FAQs For Sky 100 Observation Deck Tickets

What is the best time to visit Sky 100?

There is no best time of the year to visit the Sky100 observation deck but the right time of the day is very important, coming during early mornings or late afternoons is perfect as then you can enjoy daylight, sunsets and night especially as the entire Hong Kong skyline is lit up with innumerable little light specks.

Why is Sky 100 in Hong Kong so popular?

The Sky100 is an observation deck that is located within the International Commerce Centre (ICC) on the 100th floor, hence the name. On clear days you are guaranteed magnificent views of the entire city and thanks to the high speed elevator you can reach the deck within a minute.

Can we book Sky 100 Hong Kong tickets online?

Yes, by booking Sky100 Hong Kong tickets online you will be able to save a lot of time, energy as well as money instead of booking your tickets at the counter. By online booking you can enjoy numerous offers and discounts in your Sky100 Hong Kong ticket price.

Do I need to book Sky 100 Hong Kong tickets to enter Sky 100 Hong Kong?

Yes, you won't be permitted to enter the Sky Hong Kong Observatory without a ticket. Tickets are easily available online on our website and you can prebook it to ensure your visit is a wonderful experience.

Is there a restaurant or a bar at sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck?

Yes, there is a cafe on the Sky100 Hong Kong Observation deck by the Ritz-Carlton and it is called the Café 100. The café is on the same floor as the Observatory Deck.

Why is the Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck so famous?

The Sky100 Observation Deck has a lot to offer, from viewing the whole of Kowloon Peninsula via the high-power telescopes to unforgettable VR Experience in which you can float over Victoria Harbour or view the lit up nighttime skyline of Hong Kong.

Is the Sky Observation Deck ticket price the same for everyone?

Yes, the Sky100 Hong Kong ticket price is the same for everyone whether it be kids or adults. The price averages at HK$100 and the tickets can be bought online quite conveniently.

What are some other observation decks in the world?


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